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See These Simple Steps To Get Your Water Damage Problem Taken Care Of!
  • You Call Us For A Free Quote

    You call (404) 996-1060 and speak to one of our technicians.
    We will arrange an appointment to come out to your residence and give you a FREE estimate.

  • We Will Set An Appointment Date For Your Free Visual Inspection and Quote

    Our team will come out to your residence and do a visual inspection.
    We will then give you a free estimate for your water or mold damage.

  • We Clean Up Your Water Damage Quickly

    Our team of highly skilled technicians clean up the damage from water quickly.
    We pride ourselves in getting your home or business back to normal fast.



Atlanta Water Damage Repair

You cannot hesitate to act when water is in your home. The water could have come from floods, rainwater, a leaking pipe, a broken appliance or some other source. It doesn’t matter- you simply need to get the water removed and the area dried as quickly as possible. Visit our homepage to know more about how we can help you.

Know What To Do

Here is what needs to be done when water is in your home:

1. Dry all surfaces, floors, and absorbent materials to stop mold from growing.

2. Use sanitizing methods to ensure that all bacteria and pathogens in the water and on the furniture and affected items are completely eliminated.

24/7 Water Remediation Services

We operate 24/7 to provide the best in water damage remediation services to our customers. We gladly service both residential and commercial clients with a wide range of services. These include water damage remediation, mold removal, water extraction, professional drying, sewage sanitation and cleanup and more. We can get rid of mold and foul odors with our professional tools and expertise.

Always Ready To Help

When you have water collecting in your basement, a leaking pipe or a sewage build up, then you need to act right away. And you want to use a company that will provide the help you need very quickly. Our company can determine the extent of the damage and prepare a plan of action that will minimize the damage to your home and your belongings while giving you professional and friendly service every step of the way.

We can handle jobs of any size. We know that water damage is a major inconvenience to you, so we work hard to get in fast, clean up the mess and get you back to your life as quickly as possible. You will receive nothing but exemplary service from our technicians.

When Water Damage Occurs

Here is what you should do when water damage occurs:
• Take as much water as you can out of the flooded area
• Wipe down and dry any wet furniture
• Pin up hanging sheets and draperies
• Take cushions off of seats and couches and stand them up to let them dry evenly.
• Put foil, wood or saran wrap under furniture legs to keep them dry
• If there is very little moisture in the air, you can turn on your air conditioning unit and open the windows. For high humidity weather, use a dehumidifier or fan.
• Take all rugs out of the area
• Open all doors on your fixtures and cabinets
• Take any paintings and objects that can be damaged by water to a dry location
• Lay down towels on wet carpets
• Air out all boxes and suitcases- outside, preferably
• Puncture ceiling tiles filled with water to let the air and water out
• Use protective clothing at all time. Goggles, boots, gloves and specialized clothing can all be effective to keep you from encountering the contaminants in the water. Before going into the water, ensure that your health is in fair enough condition that you won’t be putting yourself at serious risk.


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